We have a wide selection of wreaths and swags including different size, ribbons, pinecones, and berries. If you have a specific order, please contact us ahead of time to make sure we have one ready just the way you want it.


Wreaths come in a variety of sizes and decorations. Typically they come with cones and a bow that hangs at the top. If you want a wreath for a grave, check out our wreath stand for easy setup. We also make swags with long red pine brances perfect for hanging!


We make arrangements that can sit on their own on a table or mantle. Just make sure to keep them watered just like your tree!


These are perfect for those who like to make their own decorations for around the house. It includes a combination of red pine, white pine, scotch pine, arbor vidae, and fraser fir all tied together with twine for easy carrying. If you want multiple bunches, please call ahead so we can have them ready.

Tree Stands

Tree stands are important for your tree to stand up straight and stay that way. You will usually only need to purchase one because you use it every year for different trees. The small stands usually fit trees up to 8 feet, then large stands can be used for taller trees.

Wreath Stands

Wreath stands can be used to hold up a wreath in a yard or at a cemetery. They are usually used for our small or medium wreaths.

Tree Disposal Bags

These disposal bags can be used for a quick and easy clean up. You can pull this bag over your tree and put it out for garbage.