Visit Us

Get an idea of what to expect when you plan your trip to Miller Tree Farm.


Walk our fields to find your perfect tree or look around on our pre-cut lot to find your tree from ones we've already cut from the field. Be sure to call ahead and make sure the fields are open!


Bring us your tree and we will place it on our shaker and shake out all the loose needles so they don't get all over your house.


We will wrap your tree in firm plastic netting so it will fit through your door when you get home. If your tree is extra wide, don't forget to stand back when you cut the netting off.


After we carry it to your car, grab some of our twine near the barn and tie your tree down to your roof or take the easy route and put it in your trunk if it fits.

Wrap Up

Come to the barn patio to pay and pick out your wreath or arrangement, get the kids a candy cane and surprise bag to wrap up your Miller Tree Farm trip!