About Us


Miller Tree Farm has been growing trees since 1954 when Jack and Beth Miller planted their first seedling. An average 7-foot white or scotch pine takes 8-10 years to grow. However, fraser and concolor firs grow much slower and take 15-20 years for the same size of tree.


We have three different tree fields: our Home Farm, Deer Ridge, and the East Field.

At our home farm, there is a small field where you can choose and cut your own. There is also a large tree lot where you can choose from trees we have already cut. This is where we sell the wreaths, swags, arrangements, and stands.

Deer Ridge is the largest field where you can choose and cut your own Christmas tree. It is open Thanksgiving weekend. Walk the fields and find your favorite tree, come up to the barn and grab a helper, then we'll tell you the price and saw your tree down. If you're feeling extra festive, you can cut it down yourself!

The East Field is where we cut most of our pre-cut trees from, but no visitors are permitted to cut their tree there because of the rough terrain.

Choose and cut field access is subject to availability and weather conditions.


We give out free candy canes and surprise bags to kids with each tree.


Saturday: 9am - 5pm
Sunday: 12pm - 5pm
Monday-Friday: 3pm - 5pm